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Linda Tutt Grocery Store

linda tutt grocery store open every tuesday from 6-7 pm

Purpose of the Store

To provide students with job preparation skills in customer service, inventory management, and marketing/sales.  Students will be able to place their job performance on resumes with professional references and will have valuable skills to take with them in future employment opportunities. 


To provide resources for our students, staff and community members who need additional assistance in obtaining household food and necessities due to financial constraints. 




To encourage and model servant leadership with a focus on giving back to our community. 





The grocery store at Linda Tutt High School is entirely run by students in partnership with the local businesses of First Refuge Ministries, Texas Health Resources and Albertsons. Students are responsible for stocking the shelves, keeping track of inventory, addressing sales and monitoring registers when items are purchased. Students and families are given food free, and the store is open three days a week for students and district employees to shop for needed items, while the store is open to the community on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

Student job responsibilities in the grocery store: 

  • Store Manager - responsible for overseeing the running of the store.  Schedules employees, maintains inventory lists, responsible for ordering supplies, marketing of sales items, 
  • Stocker - ensures shelves are stocked and neatly organized.  Reports to Inventory Monitor if items need to be replenished and if new items are needed for customers not currently available on shelves.  
  • Cashier - helps organize point sheets, maintains current record of all points for students, staff or community members.  
  • Bagger - responsible for taking grocery menus from customers and filling orders in a timely manner while customers wait. As part of the Friday Backpack program, the employees will fill bags for this program and will help deliver these bags to area campuses for delivery to selected students. 
  • Inventory Monitor - responsible for keeping inventory lists current, helps decide which items need to be on sale, and identifies new products needed seasonally based on the needs of customers. 


Wish to contribute to the LTHS Grocery Store? We gladly accept pantry and snack items, fresh meats and vegetables, dairy essentials and personal care donations! Please contact the LTHS front office to discuss with an administrator how to donate your items to our community grocery store.  


We want you to know how valuable you are to the success of this store and we greatly appreciate each donation that is given. Thank you!

First page of the PDF file: LTHSGroceryStoreMap

Thank you to our partners!

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