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Sanger High School

Coach Montgomery

SHS COVID-19 Distance Learning Information
Daily assignments for US History can be seen on the Calendar tab to the left.
Assignments for a week will be posted to Canvas on Monday of that week.
There will be a variety of activities during this time---presentations, discussion posts, videos, etc. Students, please check Canvas regularly for announcements. 
During this time, I will be holding virtual office hours Monday-Friday from 9-11 am and 2-3 pm. During this time I will be online to answer emails and will hold occasional video meetings. (Check announcements for when those will be occurring).
This time is unprecedented. We are living history right now. If you have any concerns about school or anything else, all of us at Sanger High School are here for you! Please reach out if you need something!

Lesson Plans


Week of March 30 - April 3

***ONGOING ACTIVITIES - Quarantine Journaling- Check “Announcements” and email daily***

Monday - 1970s Vocabulary

Tuesday - Complete 1970s Vocabulary

Wednesday - “The Century - Approaching the Apocalypse” Video & Questions 

(paper assignment - vocab reinforcement activity)

Thursday - Complete Video & Questions

(paper assignment - vocab reinforcement activity)

Friday - Complete Vocab or Video Questions

Week of March 23--27

Monday - Discussion question/post on Canvas

Tuesday - Civil Rights Review video/questions

Wednesday - Civil Rights Review activity

Thursday - Cold War Review video/questions

Friday - Cold War Review activity


The 2019-20 school year will be my 7th in Sanger ISD and 15th in education. 
I have lived in the Metroplex my whole life. I earned my Bachelor's degree in History from the University of North Texas. In 2014 I received my Master's in Athletic Administration from Ohio University.
This year, I will be teaching US History from 1877 to the Present.
I am also the Head Volleyball Coach and an assistant coach for Softball.