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Sanger High School


Welcome to Theatre Arts!

Theatre Arts is concerned with the communication of human issues. Its purpose is to teach students to cope with the complexities of human relationships in modern society. Students should examine theatre as a part of daily life, as a way of enhancing knowledge and skills, and as a means of expression. All students will benefit from ongoing educational theatre experiences.


This year’s curriculum will encourage each student to develop confidence and poise through various group, individual, and performance activities. This course combines a wide variety of activities which promote growth in the following areas: listening skills, critical thinking abilities, research techniques, performance and delivery skills.


Developing these skills is a result of the combination of teacher and peer assistance. As a group, our goals are to encourage excellence, praise effort, listen attentively, work diligently and strive for the best. Since Theatre Arts is frightening for many people, our goals are designed to help each of us remember that our response to a student’s performance determines our success as an entire class.

My name is Stephen Jackson. This will be my 21st year at Sanger High School. I have been working in theatre for the past 30 years but I am always looking for opportunities to learn more
I have been married to my wife Amber for 21 years and we have 2 amazing children. Shepard (15) and Shenandoah (10)
I am looking forward to the challenges and successes that I know the 2020-2021 School year will bring and I expect great things.
This year I will be teaching 8th-grade Theatre, Theatre Arts I-IV as well as Theatre Tech I-IV