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Name Title/Coaching Assignments Email
Brock, Hayden

Asst. Athletic Trainer, Athletic Administrative Asst. [email protected]
Bryan, Lance FB Def. Coordinator, Head Boys Track [email protected]
Ford, Steve MS Football, Head Baseball

[email protected]
Galbreath, Chuck Director of Athletics [email protected]
Good, Matt Head Tennis [email protected]
Harp, Hayley Head Athletic Trainer [email protected]
Harvey, Andrew Asst. HS Football, Head Golf - Boys and Girls [email protected]
Harvey, Jeremy MS Volleyball, MS Girls Basketball, HS Track Asst., MS Girls Coordinator [email protected]
Hilliard, Derek Head Girls Basketball, Girls MS XC [email protected]
Holt, Floyd Asst. HS Football, Asst. Powerlifting, Asst. Baseball [email protected]
Hudson, Jace Asst. HS Football, Asst. HS Basketball, Asst. HS/MS Track [email protected]
Kloewer, Toby Asst. HS VB, Head Softball [email protected]
Lewis, Chris Asst. HS Football, Boys MS Basketball, Asst. HS Track [email protected]
Maner, Travis HS Football Asst., MS Track, MS Boys Coordinator [email protected]
McMichael, Chase Head Cross Country, Head Girls Track
Montgomery, Scott Head Girls Volleyball, HS Asst. Softball [email protected]
Moore, Donald HS Football Asst., Head HS Basketball, MS CX [email protected]
Paris, Kaylin Asst. HS Volleyball., Asst. HS Track [email protected]
Rader, Jonathan Asst. HS FB, Asst. Baseball., MS Track [email protected]
Rankin, Tanner HS G Basketball Asst., HS CX asst., MS Track [email protected]
Rivers, Tarrington FB Offensive Coordinator, Asst. HS/MS Track [email protected]
Salinas, Jaxon FB Off. Coordinator, Head Powerlifting, HS/MS Track [email protected]
Smart, Rocky Head HS Football, HS Track Asst., Off Season Coor., Powerlifting Asst.

[email protected]

Spence, Kieran Asst HS FB, Asst. HS/MS Track, MS Asst. Basketball [email protected]

Stastny, Kennedee JH Volleyball, HS Girls Basketball Asst.
Sykes, Tracy Girls Coordinator, Asst. Girls Basketball, Asst. HS Track [email protected]
Webb, Colin HS FB Asst.,Baseball Asst., FB equipment manager, Girls Powerlifting [email protected]
Webb, Mikayla Softball Asst. [email protected]