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Medications at school

Medication at School
Medication that must be administered to a student during school hours must be provided by the student’s parent. All medication, whether prescription or nonprescription, must be kept in the nurse’s office and administered by the nurse or another authorized district employee, unless the student is authorized to possess his or her own medication because of asthma or a severe allergy as described below or as otherwise allowed by law.
The district will not purchase nonprescription medication to give to a student.
A student with asthma or severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) may be permitted to possess and use prescribed asthma or anaphylaxis medication at school or school-related events only if he or she has written authorization from is or her parent and a physician or other licensed health-care provider. 
The Medication Authorization form is available to download below. 
The Medication Self-Carry Authorization form is available to download below.
More information can be found in the Student Handbook on pg. 63-64.