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Dual Credit

When using ADVi (see above), it is helpful to use hashtags for questions. For example: 
#followup - prompts direct link to an advisor
#help - prompts a list of topics if a student needs help figuring out what to ask
#collegechoices - helps students to learn about college/admission types
#essaywriting, #recletter, or #resume - prompts brainstorming and tips on each item
#fafsastatus - lets student update status of FAFSA completion (helps ADVi better target messages)
FAFSA opens October 1st. Public high schools in Texas are now required to document that seniors have completed a financial aid application through FAFSA or TASFA, or have chosen to Opt Out by meeting with a counselor to revoke this requirement. If students are planning to attend a 2-year, 4-year, or trade school...or are being considered for certain university scholarships, they will want to apply for financial aid through FAFSA. Parents, our students are going to need your help. FAFSA help link