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Sanger High School

Student Support

Student Support information from your Counseling Department (click here)
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  Each nine weeks, we are bringing to you a different character trait to help reinforce those social, emotional, and academic skills you will need to maintain a well-balanced life.  
They are:
1st nine weeks:  Suicide Prevention, Acts of Kindness, Substance Abuse Awareness, Self-Worth
2nd nine weeks: Bullying Prevention, CPR Requirements for Graduation, Suicide Prevention
3rd nine weeks: Find Your Future, Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence
4th nine weeks: Sexual Assault Prevention, Reflection and Self-Care
We will be offering several assessments throughout the year.  Events and dates are listed below:
Spring ACT School Day: March 8, 2022 JUNIORS (and any senior who has NOT taken a college placement assessment)
PSAT:  October 26, 2021 
ASVAB: November 12, 2021 (9:00am)
*Announcements for upcoming events and activities are announced via: website, Facebook, Twitter, School Status, Remind, and daily school announcements.  Wishing a successful school year, 
D Lincoln