Distance Instruction

I will begin to post lesson plans here as well as on Canvas for students and parents to view. Please make sure to check back weekly for events and updates each week. Please feel free to email me with questions. Adjustments may be made mid-stream to keep up with current events. I appreciate your patience and understanding.
In addition, I will be available via Google Hangouts 9-11, 2-3 each week day going forward. I will post the working link in Canvas for  students to connect to.
English I
Lessons for the week of March 30 - Canvas module will have all links, etc.
Objective - Reading for comprehension and analysis.  Review of writing structure.  
Monday - Register for CommonLit and take tour.

Students will be using CommonLit for distance learning in my English classes.

Parents, the following information is for your students only.  Parents cannot set up a CommonLit account.  Weekly assignments will be posted on this webpage for you stay informed of your student's assignments.  Please subscribe to my webpage to receive notifications of new information.
If you do NOT have a CommonLit account already, please set up a new account at: www.commonlit.org
NEW accounts require a Class Code.  Class codes are in Canvas. 
Tuesday - CommonLit assignment "A Retrieved Reformation"  or as assigned.  Read story and answer reading questions. Due Tuesday by 4.  
Wednesday - "A Retrieved Reformation" discussion in Canvas.  Due Wednesday by 4.
Thursday - "A Retrieved Reformation" Writing.  People deserve a second chance.  (In Canvas) Due Thursday by 4.
Friday - Please make sure all work is completed!  Read your historical fiction novel!


English II

Lessons for the Week of March 30

As you are aware, we have switched to Distant Learning until April 17, 2020. Before Spring Break, I had reached out to parents and began working on a project assignment in class with students. I will be extending the due date for the project until April 3, 2020.


I will post final examples for students to use as a reference as they finish their project on Canvas under "Final Book Project 3-30-20".